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Some Of The Ways That Make Us Work Differently

The marketing function of a business is customer-centred. It makes an attempt to study the customer needs, and goods are produced accordingly.

All marketing activities are objective-oriented. Different objectives are fixed at different levels, but main aim is to earn profit along with the customer satisfication.

Marketing involves exchange of goods, services and ideas with the medium of money. Exchange takes place between sellers and buyers.

Identifying consumer needs and wants is the primary task of a marketing manager. Production activities are adapted to these consumer needs.

Customer expects some services/benefits from the product for which payment is made. If benefit is more than the amount paid, then the customer is satisfied.

Marketing is an activity designed to plan, price, promote and distribute products. At the same time, it also addresses both the current and future consumers.

A successful marketer needs to adapt the hanging factors in the market and adjust marketing strategies to suit new market developments.

Marketing activities must be co-ordinated with other functional areas of an organization such as production, finance, etc are to be integrated with marketing.

What We Take Into Account Before Starting Our Marketing Goal


Product development is key  element to an effective marketing strategy.


Create pricing strategy is for products and good and track how it will affect customers.


Promotion performs activities that make your customers aware of the product and services.


People means staff, salespeople, and those who work for the business.

Let Us Listen To Our Customer

He is the general manager of the marketing service where he use to see all the departments of the marketing need.



Mr. mason use to see all the work related to the finance marketing. Mentain all the records related to the same.


Finance Manager

She is one who use to take care of all the stats that are related to the busines needs with proper report for the per day.


Business Analyist

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